WIPpet 8/13/14




I’ve chosen a shorter snippet this time. At the moment I am working on book 2 of Thistle Black and so
I’m afraid I will post all of book 1 before I have the chance to go back and edit. Silly, I know.
Also, I am very excited that the cover for TB: Cast is almost finished. 😀
Now, for this WIPpet:
 The date is August 13, 2014.
I added the month, the day, and the year together to get the 35th chapter
and I subtracted 8 from 13 to get 6 sentences.
I hope you enjoy this snippet.

Thistle Black: Cast

However exciting the words might have been, they were not the ones that caused Thistle to shake as she held the parchment tightly between her fingers. No, that distinction went to the two words just below the announcement. They were simple and discreet. It was clear that great effort had been made to match the writing to the original script, but she could see the subtle differences. To anyone who might have glanced at it, whether they were able to read or not, it might have been nothing more than a signature. But to Thistle… to Thistle, it was so much more.


© Jenna Wood
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14 Responses

  1. I’m very intrigued. I so want to know what those two words were. Are they a forgery? Someone trying to trick her? Or is she excited that someone else signed the parchment? So many questions.

  2. She’s on edge, but she doesn’t seem afraid or panicked. She’s not happy, so the words aren’t well-wishes or fond thoughts… Hmm, what do they say? Who wrote them? Ooh!

    1. I love reading your thoughts! Interesting to see what you got from it. I would say you’re close, though she is not entirely unhappy with what she sees. Maybe more shocked? 😀

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