Daily Flash Fiction

1/5/15 : 1

He looked outside. Even with the warm fires roaring within the halls, he could feel the biting cold. Drums beat loud, announcing the beginning of the battles. Taking a deep breath, he adjusted the armor that bore him down. It was heavy but solid and had seen him through many such instances. He had no doubt it would aid him through this one as well.

1/5/15 : 2

Metal rattled against metal as he walked though the winding halls. There were other men around him. Some were armored as he was while others wore their casual attire, cheering or jeering depending on who they rooted for. Once in a while they were given a day or two when they didn’t have to fight. Unfortunately for him, today was not one of them. Today, he would have to fight”- flash fiction by me, continued from previous

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